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Brief Introduction

Bandipur Rural Municipality is expanded over 102 Sq.KM with Tourism Prospect of Mahabharat Hilly Range of Tanahun, Gandaki Province, Nepal. On Fiscal Year 2068/069 Bandipur Village Development Committee(VDC) and Dharampani Village Development Committee(VDC) were merged into Bandipur Municipality. After the Implication in Federal Nepal in 2073, Bandipur Municipality (1-11), Ghasikuwa VDC (1,9) and Keshavtar VDC(1,8,9) were structured into Bandipur Rural Municipality with six wards.

Ward VDC/Municipality ( Previously) Population(2068) Area
1 Bandipur (1) & Ghasikuwa(1) 4375 13.12
2 Banidpur (2,3) 3260 18.02
3 Ghasikuwa(9) & Keshavtar(1,8,9) 2423 15.52
4 Bandipur(4,6) 3944 10.40
5 Bandipur(5,7) 2869 13.90
6 Bandipur(8-11) 3141 30.47
  Sum 20013 101.53


Ward boundary

Bandipur was a business transit of Kaski, Lamjung,Gorkha and Manang districts before it was connected by a motorable road. Although the headquarter of Tanahun was moved to Damauli in 2025 BS, the promotion of  natural beauties and cultural diversity turned this quaint hill station into a world renowned tourist destination. There are 10 inexpensive community homestays and reasonable 124 hotels in Bandipur.


Major tourist attraction points in Bandipur

  1. Bandipur Bazaar : quaint Newari culture reservation

  2. Siddha Cave : biggest natural cave in Nepal

  3. Tundikhel : Marshyandi Corridor and Himayan Range View point

  4. Thanimai & Mukundeshwori : View point

  5. Tindhara : Landmark

  6. Cultural asset : Magar, Gurung, Newar, Aryan etc


Even though there are many adventurous games like paragliding, rock climbing, rafting and trekking trails/route, Bandipur Rural Municipality has a long term tourism destination development plan included in its Master plan. 

  1. Bandipur Theme Park - Glass View Point

  2. Thanimai-Mukundeshwori wall trail - concept Mini Great Wall

  3. Bandipur Lake - Irrigation and Tourism point